Purti - A School For Slow Learners and Children with Learning Difficulties

Purti is a school for children with learning difficulties. It is School exclusively for slow learners in Delhi. The school does not admit children facing severe Intellectual challenges as the school focuses on children who are diagnosed with “Borderline Intellectual Functioning”. Purti is the only school of its kind in Delhi/NCR. The School gives students the tools they need today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We provide learning opportunities for students that promote independence and confidence. We pride ourselves on the results that we have produced over the past 15 years and the work we do. Please explore our website for further details.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and train our children to develop into self- reliant and confident individuals. They should be able to cope with the world independently.

Our Work

The word Purti(school for slow learners and children with learning disabilities) means “to fulfill”, and that is the aim of the school – to fulfill the needs of children who are termed as “special” by the common man. The aim of the school has always been “to complete” the children, in any aspect that they may be deemed lacking in. In 1997, after assessing
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NIOS Exam Preparation The National Institute for open schooling enables children to take examinations at the 10th and the 12th grade levels. These examinations are accredited equal to the CBSE examinations. The main advantage that NIOS offers to our students is the flexibility of time schedule of examinations, and the choice of subjects. So far, we have helped over 35 children with learning difficulties
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