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Our Work

The word Purti(school for slow learners and children with learning disabilities) means “to fulfill”, and that is the aim of the school – to fulfill the needs of children who are termed as “special” by the common man. The aim of the school has always been “to complete” the children, in any aspect that they may be deemed lacking in.

In 1997, after assessing the state of special education in our country, Ms Ravinder Arora decided that the situation was in dire straits. Drawing inspiration from her own learning-disabled daughter, she felt there was an immediate need to distinguish the “learning disabled” children from the “mentally disabled” children.

We, as humans are always seeking for approval, always looking to do things that are approved by everyone else. We have a fear of the unknown. Ms Arora confronted these same fears when she laid the skeletal roadmap for the school.

The whole idea behind ‘Purti’ was an esoteric one, and many people found the distinction between “learning disabled” and “mentally disabled” to be abstruse.

And thus, on May 16th 1997, ‘Purti’ was born in a small flat in Ashok Vihar. The school commenced operations with a single student, in a single room, and a lot of anxiety. However, the school found its feet rather quickly, and germinated into an school with a passion for special education, rather than being just a commercial venture.

Unlike other schools, Purti(school for slow learners and children with learning disabilities) from the very start accepted children who were not completely mentally disabled. Rather they were aptly able to pursue their academic goals, like many normal child would do.
The children at the school would fall under the following categories [as defined by psychologists]
  • having learning disabilities
  • autism
  • slow learners
  • having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • having Attention Deficit Disorder
  • physically differently abled
  • having cerebral palsy

Most of these children are “borderline intellects”.

The school has aided several students to clear their NIOS examinations for the 10th and the 12th grade. Purti’s alumni are all well established in their chosen path in life.

Purti(school for slow learners and children with learning disabilities) is a completed non-aided organization with no external monetary resources available for its daily operations. The school has never received any grant till date from the state administration or the central government.

How PURTI Works?

At Purti groups are formed out of the total number of students. These groups are created based on numerous factors such as: -
  • Academic level of the children in the group
  • Age group
  • Ratio of 5 children per Educator
  • IEP Individualized Education Program

When a child comes to Purti(school for slow learners and children with learning disabilities) from a regular academic environment, the child is given special individualized attention to assess the shortcomings in the basic academic areas before merging the student in an appropriate study group, thus introducing a SEE [Specialized Education Environment] for the child to flourish.

The main focus at Purti(school for slow learners and children with learning disabilities) is Academics, thus the students considered for admission are always at an ‘educable level’. Academic programs are designed in- house and are focused to primarily strengthen the basic indispensable factors of core academics, and to secondarily extract the latent capabilities out of an individual to formulate the program pattern for their future, as per the requirement of the families and the potential of the child. The programs may include a combination of regular academics or functional academics with pre-vocational skills.

Concepts are introduced through real life objects, stories, hands-on experience, outings, games, group activities, black- board, illustrated work sheets and progressively through books and notebooks.

After extensive scrutiny of textbooks of a particular academic level, several textbooks, which present core concepts in a recurrent and a diversified manner, are finalized. Books selected in this manner, help in reinforcing a concept, without boredom and monotony.

Parent or tutors are given special instructions to follow a similar pattern of teaching the concept that has been taught at Purti(school for slow learners and children with learning disabilities), to avoid confusion in understanding the same at home. These instructions help the students in absorbing the teachings imparted at school in an optimal way. Also, Parents are encouraged to make their children participate in all the programs planned by us, to stimulate all the facets of a happy and healthy growing process with sustenance skills. This helps in facilitating holistic development of every child.