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Activities at Purti

Activities at Purti(school for slow learners and children with learning disabilities) are fun-filled and are always planned with a purpose of imparting life skills to children. Activities are conducted for exposure, awareness, teaching a skill, to boost self-esteem, and to develop confidence.

 Local Outings


Regular visits are organized to parks, historical monuments, amusement parks, etc. for the children. The main objective of these trips is teaching the children about behaving properly in public places, and social etiquette.

Picnics with parents and siblings -

Parents and family of children are regularly invited to join us on picnics. We routinely organize these trips to better integrate the parent community with us, to increase awareness about children with other difficulties, to teach the parents about how to deal with their children in better and new ways.

These trips help the parents and siblings overcome their complexes pertaining to a member with special needs in the family. It helps them to take their child out socially, which they would have avoided otherwise. A consistent and convincing effort by the family of the special child can bring in gradual growth in their acceptance in the society automatically. 

 Visits outside the Premises

Eating out at Restaurants -

Children are taught how to place an order in a restaurant, talk to a waiter, ask for a bill and perform other regular social processes in such an environment.

Shopping at departmental and Grocery Stores- Departmental / Local (green-grocery/provisions/fruits) -

Shopping for essential commodities for subsistence is a necessary skill and children at Purti(school for slow learners and children with learning disabilities) are taught these skills through practical experiences at various types of stores. Also, this helps the children to utilize their knowledge of functional mathematics such as measurement units and calculating the amount to be paid based on the measurement units such as kilograms, meters, and liters.

Malls -

Children regularly visit the malls to acquaint themselves of the new shopping culture in the country. Using escalators, shopping in multi brand stores and eating in the food court are some of the activities that teachers conduct to enhance the child’s social skills.

Visits to Banks and Post offices -

Children are acquainted with depositing cash, carrying out transactions through cheque and debit cards, ordering demand drafts. At the post office, processes pertaining to speed post and other activities are taught to children.

Travelling by the Delhi Metro -

The Delhi metro railway system has emerged as a new transportation means of commuting through out the city and Educators regularly assist Students at Purti(school for slow learners and children with learning disabilities) to travel via the metro. This enhances the cognitive abilities and boosts self confidence.

Movies -

Children are taken to watch movies for entertainment purposes and to give them a break from academics. Through experiences such as these, necessary social skills are instilled in our students.

Visits to religious places on festivals -

To promote our nations beautiful culture and to edify students about mythology as well as legends related to the festival being celebrated, we take out students to temples and other places of worship.

Celebrations of Festivals -

All major festivals are celebrated with fervor and passion. The traditions are followed and students and the staff have a gala time. Festivals such as Lohri, Basant Panchmai, Raksha bandhan, Dusehra, Deepawali, Christmas. 

 Activities within the premises

Canteen Activity -

On alternative Fridays, home cooked food is provided at a makeshift canteen. Children are instructed to check the price list and choose one option out of the various meals available. Then, children are encouraged to calculate the total sum that is required to be paid and carry out a transaction with the cashier. This experience emulates activities conducted at regular schools, so that children are comfortable with such experiences if and when they graduate from Purti(school for slow learners and children with learning disabilities) and go to a regular school.

Stationary shops -

Makeshift stationary shops are made available inside the school premises, and children are encouraged to carry out transactions on their own. All stationary items are displayed with corresponding prices. The children interact on their own with the cashier to have a real-life experience.

Night Camps -

Night Camps are organized bi-annually and are a lot of fun, both for the students and the educators. Children stay in the school premises for 2 days and 1 night. Night camps augment the children’s ability to organize themselves and their lives independently. Also, night camps provide an opportunity to the educators to better observe the students and enhance their education programs.

An unthreatened atmosphere is created to make the children feel at home, and enjoy the experience. No academics, fun-filled activities, homemade food (specially cooked by Ms. Arora-Director / cooked hygienically at the school, under strict supervision) are just some of the features of this colossal bi annual event.

Workshop For Parents

Workshops are organized on a regular basis for parents, grandparents and siblings. Eminent child psychologists and experienced speakers are invited to address the gathering. The sessions primarily deal with queries,doubts and fears of the parents. Speakers encourage siblings and parents of the students to express any problems