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Rakhee at School! Rakhee at School!
Every festival is celebrated at the school. Children celebrate the festivals following proper rituals and traditions. Cele rations like these equip the children to be more self reliant when celebrating with their families and make them better individuals. Also, it's fun time for the kids!!
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At the old Campus. At the old Campus.
One of the Last days of Purti's functioning in the old flat at Phase-3. From 1997 to September 2010, the school operated out of a small LIG flat. Over 55 students plus 20 staff used to visit everyday in the premises, needless to say, the space could not be utilized any more optimally.
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Parents Inaugral Meet at the New HUGE premises Parents Inaugral Meet at the New HUGE premises
Inaugural Parent's meet in the central hall of the new building. The meet was organized to acquaint parents to the new building and welcome them.
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The Champions The Champions
All Gold medals at a sporting event.
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Teej Celebrations! Teej Celebrations!
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Albums 21 - 25 out of 26
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